Myths Related to the Online Gambling Industry

There is no doubt about the fact that the internet is a powerful tool that has helped in the transformation of the way we do things in our daily life. Also, the sudden pandemic COVID-19 gave a huge market to all the industries, especially the gambling industry, as people were sitting idle at their homes due to the lockdown without any source of income or less income. People then started indulging themselves in online gambling for real money for all the benefits it provides, such as entertainment, real money, real-time experience, etc.

Myths regarding online casinos and the online gambling industry:

Certain myths are common nowadays, but knowing about those myths is necessary. Some of the myths are:

  • The players are not paid by the online casinos:

This is a common question, especially in the minds of newbie’s. But let us tell you, online casinos have nothing to do with your winnings. Your winnings are credited to your account only. If the online casinos commit fraud by not crediting your money into your account, then they will lose your business, which obviously they won’t want. So, yes, online casinos do have risk, but that risk is only associated if you lose the game.

  • Strategy is not needed to win a blackjack game:

Yes, blackjack is a card game that is based on luck too, but you still need a strategy to play it and win it. It is believed that the house edge must be minimal so that the returns are maximized. If you do not have the strategy to play blackjack, the house edge will remain at 2%, but if you have the strategy, it may come down to 0.5% approximately, which is good.

  • Slot machines are entitled to help you win only once:

It is a complete myth that once you win real money in slot games, then you don’t have a chance of winning more in them. Slot machines are fun and random games that can give you any number of bonuses. It is more of a luck-based game.

  • Casinos just give you positive returns:

No, this is not a fact, as casinos are all about luck, skill, and strategy, and just like any other game such as cricket, football, etc., online casino games also have two aspects, i.e., you either win or lose. It depends on your decisions, fate, and strategies that can help you win and have fun or lose and worry.


In online gambling real money is something that every player desires. There are certain other myths too, such as online betting sites are illegal, online casinos are an addiction, observing both the hot and cold numbers improves your chances of winning, online casinos are all the same, etc. A player should not believe in the myths while playing or entering into this field, as negativity might take place in the mind, which is harmful in decision making and, hence, results in losing.